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No skin is too thick

Let us hold men in our hands to feel their rough edges between our fingers,
and massage their temper before we misunderstand.
let us have them submit to our attention
and call that moment the vibes,
so their inner voice will speak through puffing cigars

and the smell of intoxicated pores through thick skins.
let us speak to them in silence

since they already know the meaning of that word

but not in the shape and form of poetry,
let them know that giants cannot crush the rain with bare hands
or sweep away the river with their lashes.
let them know that it is ok to empty the soul in front of the universe for all to see
and release the clogged tunnel in their veins,
let them know that petals bleed when no one is looking
but birds and butterflies will know.

Fadrian Bartley is a creative writer from Kingston Jamaica. His poetry is available in journals and online web magazines such as, Pif-Magazine,, and Fadrian is currently pursuing his degree as a freelance writer. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram

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