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Other Yellow Fruit


The core of a lemon had sealed

all wounds. I played the piano

at the old folks home.


Infancy was rocked like

nightfall splashing through


the open window. I was laughing at

the separation of a larva and his fly–


cut out from underneath the

same maple tree. The sky bled


in deep colors and I was strong.

I, the grand daughter–


the wine dark ocean spilling over

the mountaintop, am now a chrysalis


standing at the Memorial of the

Murdered Jews of Europe.


The place whispers say my name

and think of me. I think of little


army men simulating war. I think

of them losing thought. I am


swiftly brought to kneeling

in the trenches. 6 raw beanstalks


provoke the angry heat of the day.

Blocks sit on pomegranates

skinning the broken language.

My grandfather’s name is


etched into the granite powder of the

memorial. An unsettled dream then


comes knocking from the grave.

The stalks gravitate to the witching hour.


The witch howls. A soldier is molting

in the socket of sound, an intercourse


between the grainy severed arm—

long limber in green, and the Earth


that did not want this.The weasel is

unburying the air, holding


the blood and the soldier of which

he is still very much a part of.


6 black birds dissolve into winter’s icy traps.

The place is not interesting for only death


and its ordinary boundaries. 6 winters

kill the men of Bergen-Belsen.


6 posthumous drugged beetles.

The cow moos and flies up the nostril.


French border police molest the crossing

of thin wasting prisoners and the preacher


wanting change. Grandfather’s name is

resurrected. Church’s heavy eyelids


fall down onto God. The clock has rotated

into a new beginning.



Nicole Flaherty Kimball is an emerging poet from Utah, USA. Nicole’s work is published or forthcoming in Sky Island Journal, Sunspot Literary Journal, Mom Egg Review, Club Plum Literary Magazine, Book of Matches Lit and several others. She was the recipient of the Pat Richards and Joe Beaumont Scholarship and is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Utah Valley University.

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