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my favourite                                                           evening primroses                             

flowers blossom bright. scented corollas            sing in tropical rain. their voices

chorus at midnight’s                                              echo. buds open at clock’s

gong, with a collective laugh                               ringing, the flowers’ burgeoning tingling,
their petals throb                                                   like nervous veins

full of memories...                                                  they quiver under stinging nettles as

the air fills with music, and                                    notes ring out like bells –
lyres play in the garden…                                     the primrose dances...moving and
recharging the heavens while                               whispering secrets in the dark.

nearby, candles perspire and burn.                     the light captures flowery shadows...

fireflies romance each other                                 intertwined in nectar and desire

over petals shimmering with dew                        as raindrops glisten on buds...

and my flowers gleam till morning’s due.            ah, I love to see my primrose bloom.

*this poem can be read 3 ways: horizontally or each column vertically



Minoti Vaishnav is a South Asian short fiction author, poet, and television writer. She is an alumna of the Paramount Writers Mentoring Program and holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Oxford University. Minoti has been published in dozens of anthologies and literary magazines. She lives in Los Angeles.

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