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If I had a Daughter Who is a Hummingbird

(For SB, who visited in dream to tell me we

have a daughter who is a bird.)


spring would be a sacred

vault, fall a desiccating heart

and there could never

be enough summer.


I would plant morning glories

and hydrangeas, deep-throated

flowers to feed her, trumpets

of joy to bring her buzzing.


I would sing the sun up

and weep it down, spend

the dark hours like a penitent

awaiting salvation by beauty.


I would spend winter watching

the clouds, remembering

the gossamer shimmer of wings

made of light and wind and tears.


In the cold of her absence

I would ponder the exotic fruits

of consolation. I would dream migration.

I would imagine the stars blooming.

Michael McIrvin is the author of several poetry collections, including Optimism Blues: Poems Selected and New (2003, 2019) and Hearing Voices (Fearful Symmetry, 2020). His most recent novel is The Blue Man Dreams the End of Time (2009, 2019). Michael lives on the High Plains of Wyoming.

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