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             The four pyramids of love



                   1st pyramid: (North)


There was a time when they cut off

the tongue of the person who designed this place

they kept it in a wooden box

wrapped in muslin

as if they were afraid of it telling the truth

despite being unattached from its owner


                   2nd pyramid: (East)


Trying to reach the sky with buildings

they kept their faces under a shade of shame

so they did wear masks made of gold to cover it

where the dust settles almost tenderly


                   3rd pyramid: (West)


They did the maths in order to dream of eclipses

and stars colliding so far away

(That didn´t avoid the old master and slave issue

but we are trying not to judge here)


                  4th Pyramid: (South)


A message was sent forward aiming to the future

perhaps too optimistic

hoping we would be ready to understand

Are we?

Are we ready to understand?

We face South like there was nothing

but this emptiness

this vast plain of sand ahead of us

Luis Elvira-Sierra is a painter and writer born in Spain, where he achieved a BA in Philosophy. He writes mainly poetry and short stories both in English and Spanish which have been published in several books, magazines and websites. He lives in South East London.

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