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Sea, glass serenity  becalmed cellophane, layered

liquorice  liquid molten coco

I sit, folded, listening             

It creeps, not angry like a storm this time, but gently     

pushing the weeds of sea          up with that chocolricee

As the beach retreats the Bladder Wracks grip, Sea Lettuce and Dulce

guided purple and green.

Old seashells tumble         rocks hide in seek

This maritime rhythm         brinefed swaithe

Mer mour    murm--aaide     meer---maaiden             wishper

It covers and wraps, with the gyre of ocean and the pull of the moon

Mer mour    murm--aaide     meer---maaiden             wishper

And today           today it slithers         searise seaslide

Mer mour    murm--aaide     meer---maaiden             wishper

Kevin Moffat: a Professor of Biology, crashing the arts and sciences together.  Music and fruit-flies, tardigrades and tennis, guitars and gardening. An academic for forty years, researching genetics and dementia. He’s been a musician for longer.  A Cornishman bereft of the sea, he has been inspired to take up poetry.

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