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Bite down hard

            Break the bone like

                        Stepping on a twig

Fill your mouth with marrow

            And think to yourself

                        “This shit is ambrosia”

                                    As it drips off your chin.

If the monster doesn’t love you

            Well, darling girl, then that’s when you become the monster.

Shuck your clothes for wolf skins

            Blood on your teeth because you earned it

                        Best fucking beautiful fiend the world has ever seen

And baby girl, your eyes look so big when they’re fully dilated


Tell me, does the moonlight feel like home?

Or is it the killing that feels like belonging?

Charlotte Amelia Poe (they/them) is an autistic nonbinary author from England. Their first book, How To Be Autistic, was published in 2019. Their debut novel, The Language Of Dead Flowers, was published in September 2022. 

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