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beauvairt airport, feeling like a line


ate so many nuts waiting in line ate like the whole

bag of nuts and even when i felt like growing  an


ovoid sphere in the middle of a line i finished the

whole pack of nuts please would you get me a


coffee or tea or something hot so i can sip cos that

feels like being back at the tit, and good again and


the airport so small here and rubbing my

tongue on sleep feeling like a skinned pig ready to


be eaten when my sister appeared round the corner

  or an unsteady four year old


with a tiny  steam hot black  tiny death coffee and  i felt all

twisted up to my mouth like a circle

Blossom Hibbert has a pamphlet, Suddenly, It’s Now, published by Leafe Press. Her work has been published in places such as The Temz Review, Litter, International Times and Buttonhook Press. She is currently hopping from place to place on her little toe, visiting magical cities, writing prose about the unknown, searching for some monotony. 

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