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canoodling with slush

we fill our boots


and dream in seed-catalogue colour

           cherry blossom, lilac


scarves fly off like boomerangs


green elbows

poke from plastic trays


celestial smell of chives

           lavender, tomato leaves


ghosts of our grandmothers

hiding in the mist



Sing for the storm drain

where the spring melt
glockenspiels, last year’s
leaves chip-hipping
down the boulevard.
Sing to the bluster

of sparrows giggling

for the mates
they may never find.

Sing o zinc o zing

for the drop of ladybug
on the change
in the window.


Angeline Schellenberg is a recipient of the Manitoba Book Award for Tell Them It Was Mozart (Brick Books, 2016), the elegy collection Fields of Light and Stone (University of Alberta Press, 2020), and was a finalist for the 2022 KOBZAR Book Award. Angeline hosts Speaking Crow, Winnipeg’s longest-running poetry open mic.

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