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Hold On


To keep things going, actions sustained

I must carry a pebble, safe in my pocket,

worry worn, seasons smooth, spherical surface

a sea spell charm, black, body banded white.

Palmed safe, it disarms overspill, in apogee, 

like a Tardis, amplitude unpredictable.

A secret story keeper hidden in fabric folds,

so the heart does not enclose what the eyes hold.


My pebble is a time-worn adept alchemist,

working darkness to metamorphosis,

an expert at witnessing tides' washing refrain –

 always only this, impermanent never that again.

It costs me nothing to wrap my fingers round,

the benediction of longed-for, solid ground.

Alison Jones’ work has been widely published in journals such Poetry Ireland Review, Proletarian Poetry, The Interpreter’s House, The Green Parent Magazine and The Guardian. Her pamphlets, Heartwood (2018) and Omega (2020) were published by Indigo Dreams. She is working on a full collection.

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