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Three trees grow sideways (A wind at Thoor Ballylee)


Three trees grow sideways,

Depending on Your point of view.

I have brought broken barren cups to this stream before,

The only useful kind,

And tried to sprinkle the unkind world with light.

Come out of your tower,

Rise like hairs on arms, like an unheard wind does

Only in certain times and certain places.

Maybe you did find the door and walked right through?

While the idle march of responsibilities

Weighed too heavily on the herd to do the same.

Living ends on unseen shores,

The boatman came calling, and you floated right past

While the wooden horse and her men passed you over and passed by.

You were right to cast out a spell upon the water.

To catch only certain times and certain places

Unkept and unvisited.

The acrobats, the anarchists or what the herd have hardly missed,

On their wrong eternal pilgrimage.

Coats for sticks, From coins a kiss,

Three trees grow sideways.

Algo is from Ireland. In self imposed self isolation, Algo only wears black and enjoys studying at the school of Austrian Economics, reading comic books and meditating. Algo once believed he was a nihilist but now believes in something higher.

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